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Start looking back or experiencing for the first time, new wave pop music from the 80s. The 80s was a decade where music started to splendor off into genres, where for a few years the main scene was dominated by a musical movement called the second British Invasion. Some of these bands are still around or have recently reformed. Listen to the old and the new, and find out why people can't stop listening to this type of music.

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Finally, after the decade that has past, I have a chance to spin again like I once did in college. Yes, not only did I work in an 80s club, but I was a DJ on the local college station. Thus I give you, an 80s station that is NEW WAVE/Alternative in nature. From MoJo Nixon to Men Without Hats, to new songs by Depeche and Dead or Alive. Check out what bands have done, and what they are creating for the new century.

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